This domain was bought long time ago for a new project for SierraChart trading platform. Unfortunately it wasn't started due to different reasons. Nevertheles domain is live and can be used for other projects. In the nearest future I'm planning to add some set of tools (indicators and experts) for algoritmic and manual trading, as well as price analysis.

Main goal of renewing this site - provide a primary information about experts and indicators, that I created, and provide required minimum informatiom how to use them. That is why I'm really doesn't care about fancy look of this site. And because of this, information was prepared in PowerPoint, as a most handy and fastest tool for creating product presentations, and published here in a slideshow form.

You may contact with me about this site's tools via e-mail (<ThisSiteName>, but please keep in mind - I have no time and willingness to develop any other tools on somebody orders, as well as add whistles and bells to any of my tools. But if I will find some of your ideas usefull and interesting for me - I may add them later in next versions of my tools. Now site contains information about the only one MetaTrader5 expert. Feel free to study it:

Trader Control Panel - a dashboard for manual trading