Why you are here?

Seems you are looking for some solutions, which can automatize your trading. Or may be you have great trading rules ideas, but not sure that they are really great and what to test them before start using them in real trading. May be you an investor, which want both mentioned above and additionally need risk research and precise history tests. At least, you may be my brother-developer, who want make a deals with other developers. In any case, if it so - you are in the right place.

Why I am here ?

I am trading software developer. I have years of experience in software development in general, and particularly for trading. Unfortunately, many years have been given to MetaTrader, which actually turned out not a real trading platform, but a betting program, that is only looks like trading platform. Nevertheless, during this years, I studied in details market, price movement logic, create dozens of algorithms and working source codes. Now I am ready to realize all my knowledge inside the most smart1) trading platform - SierraChart. This site simultaneously will be my knowledge base, portfolio of my works and marketplace, where you can buy ready to work trading tools.

Why we are here ?

So, you “know what” must be done to automatize your trading ideas and algorithms, but can't transform them by yourself to the working source codes. Ok. I am may be “know how” to do this. Even more, some things I am already done, and you can start using them right now. All other, that has not been done yet, can be done in the nearest future. Cooperation of trading knowledge and professional coding can produce incredible things - why not to make a try?

What can be find here ?

Here I show you some gateway points, which will help you to start navigation over this site. My main trading platform for developing purposes is SierraChart, and here is SierraChart section. One of the brilliant SierraChart feature is it's spreadsheets. They allows you to build a custom graph or formalize you trading system with a simple Excel-like spreadsheets and really trade with them. It is definitely cool feature, but I will come back to it later. Now I am develop custom studies for SierraChart in Microsoft Visual Studio. It have some specific details which is described in MS Visual Studio section. When new sections on this site will be appears - I will inform you about them here.

Let start !

SierraChart section - main topic of this site.

MS Visual Studio section - additional information about using Visual Studio inside SierraChart.

Studies in VS - all about creating studies in VS.

…more to come.


You can e-mail me about subject of this site. I am open for any constructive discussion and cooperation. Unfortunately, algotrading solutions developing is not my main business, so I can't spend all my time in it. But I am always will find time for really interesting and perspective jobs.

1) later I'll explain why I think that SierraChart is smartest
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