C++ studies

This is the main page for all information related to studies, which are created in MS Visual Studio. SierraChart have very flexible and powerful tool SpreadSheets which allows any user create custom indicators and even trading system simply entering formulas in special Excel-like spreadsheets and which does non required programming knowledge. But this section is all about creating studies in C++.

C++ template creation is described here. Below you can find links to specific pages describing some certain knowledge area of creating studies in C++.

Main objects

SierraChart have a lot of objects programmatically available to developer. Let's study them sequentially.

Drawing objects

Before we start doing something in SierraChart, we must have ability to get some real-time feedback from our code. It can be debug “prints” to display internal values or some other useful text, which must be displayed on top of main chart or study window. Or some graphics objects to mark some special places of the chart. Or any other visual objects. Al this can be done via Drawing Tools.

SierraChart have very powerful and universal tools to draw texts and graphics. But for this universality we must “pay” by extra code lines, and as a result - source code grows and become hardly readable. To provide easy to read (and write!) code, which manipulates with chart graphics objects I designed special GUI-library. It's very short, clear and self documented code.

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