Copy study DLL to SierraChart after build

Instead of setting Output directory for build DLL, you can this:

  1. Right click on project in VS and select Properties.
  2. Expand Build events.
  3. Click on Post-Build Event.
  4. In the field Command line enter text1)
copy /b "$(OutputPath)$(TargetFileName)" "S:\Data"

From now, after each successful build, your DLL will be copied to S:\Data.
If you have more then one installation of SierraChart, you can copy DLL to all of them if type in the field Command line some like this:

copy /b "$(OutputPath)$(TargetFileName)" "d:\SierraChart1\Data"
copy /b "$(OutputPath)$(TargetFileName)" "d:\SierraChart2\Data"
copy /b "$(OutputPath)$(TargetFileName)" "d:\SierraChartN\Data"
1) I am using system command “subst S: d:\SierraChart” so any my SC is always located in the root of drive S:
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