IDE for SierraChart study develop

SierraChart have it's own internal editor to create and compile1) C++ source codes into DLL study files. But it's functions is very limited. Unlike other trading platforms (principally using C#), SierraChart use C++. Result of study compilation it is ordinary DLL file, so it will be right to use professional compiler and it's IDE. I am using Microsoft Visual Studio. It have a lot of benefits, for example fully supported code completion, which is really great feature during studying ACSIL.

Working easy

In order to make you work in Visual Studio more comfortable and efficient I prepare some recommendations and Tips & Tricks.

Study template

Every study code starting from template. Here you can see my variant of VS source codes project template.

Smart compiling

Visual Studio produces ordinary DLL-file from your's source code. This file must be placed into directory Data of your SierraChart installation. SierraChart developers recommends to set custom Output path in Project options. But I am using multiply instances of SierraChart, and that is why I found more flexible solution to place study DLL into right directory.

1) compiler for internal SierraChart editor must be installed separately
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